Patient Testimonials



“Shawn has a skill set that is hard to find in our medical community.  I have struggled with mild back pain off and on for years.  Most recently, I had an episode that was more severe; significantly affecting my ability to enjoy life to its fullest.  I was cutting back on exercise, activities with my kids and even social functions because of pain.  Shawn had me back in “fighting shape” within 6 visits after 6 months of pain.  I was and continue to be so grateful for his expertise.  I appreciate him not only for his ability to help me, but as a resource in the community for my patients.  I recommend him without reservation to anyone who is looking for balance and relief from pain.”

Dr Lynn Wagner, MD

“Shawn Jackson has provided my patients with extraordinary care.  Both acute and chronic spinal patients have benefited from Shawn’s skilled specialized spinal expertise.  I have been most impressed with Shawn’s success in obtaining long standing remissions and often resolutions of complex painful spinal conditions.

Dr. James Napier, MD

“After experiencing pain in my left knee for more than two years, trying several different doctors and modalities (including chiropractor, acupuncture, orthopedic and conventional physical therapy), and reducing my physical activities more and more, I became a bit desperate.  My sister and her husband had serious shoulder pain and she told me about this wonderful doctor named Shawn who is a miracle worker. But I live in Los Angeles and I wasn’t sure if Shawn could help me despite what I was hearing.”

“It is almost impossible to say how much Dr. Jackson has helped me.  When I came to Wisconsin, I was afraid to climb a flight of stairs and I could only sit for about 40 minutes. After a few treatments, I climbed four flights of stairs–up and down– in one day with no adverse reaction.  I’m ready to try golf again and I see years of mobility and flexibility ahead of me.  Will I run a marathon–No.  But I have my old life back and MORE. The pain is gone and now with a few simple exercises I can develop and maintain strength in my upper legs.  Thank you so much Shawn.”

Dr. Rosa Maria Chacon, PhD

“It is with pleasure that I write the following testimonial.  You have changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful.  

After a bodysurfing accident in which I hurt my neck and dislocated my shoulder, I was never quite the same.  I lived with the discomfort thinking that it might go away over time.  But after a couple of years of steadily progressing neck pain, it became clear this was not going to happen.  Resorting to a regimen of prescription medications for nerve pain and inflammation did not even vanquish the pain.  I was faced with the dilemma of surgery. 

I compete in golf tournaments all around the US and the pain I had was severely affecting my game.  Golf is my passion and I cannot imagine life without it.  I couldn’t golf with the pain, but was really concerned that surgery might make things worse.  There was not a lot of optimism at this point.  That was when I heard about Shawn.  

On my first visit with Shawn I was surprised by his gentle treatment method.  He used such a light touch that it honestly didn’t seem like it could be effective.  But, he told me what I could expect to feel later that night and he was spot on.  It was hard to believe that his treatment could change the way I felt.  I went back for two more visits, still amazed by his methods.  But his treatment was really starting to alleviate my pain.  It was well worth driving two hours round-trip for each of the treatments.  Though it took several visits, I have been pain free now for over a year.  

Since I have been able to golf without pain, I have won five golf tournaments in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Illinois and Virginia.  This was only possible because of Shawn’s amazing work.  I now have my life back.


I have referred at least four other people to Shawn, each one suffering from chronic issues causing pain.  One person in particular had been on disability for years because of chronic back pain.  Shawn helped each and every person.  I am never shy about recommending Shawn’s services—it is the best way I can think of to thank him.”

Rich S.  Chilton,WI

“After seeing a neurologist for headaches, neck pain, loss of mobility in my neck and some numbness in my right arm, he informed me it was a pinched nerve.  Instead of surgery, my neurologist suggested I see Shawn.  ‘He’s a miracle worker,’  I was told.   As someone who is uncomfortable with ‘hands on’ treatment, I was a bit skeptical.   Shawn has a way of making you feel very comfortable right from the start.  After a six week period I was amazed that I no longer had the headaches, neck pain, numbness and best of all, I had the mobility back in my neck!  I can’t say thank you enough.  I would absolutely recommend Shawn if you need a physical therapist.  He is truly a ‘miracle worker’ in my book.”

RaeLynn D.  Sturgeon Bay, WI

“After having severe migraines daily for 14 months, I finally got total relief from treatments by Shawn Jackson, PT, DPT. Doctors had prescribed many tests, medications, and Botox injections (31 injections in the head every 3 months) which did not help. I have been migraine-free for one year now since being treated at ReNew. Shawn was my miracle worker. Thank you so much, Shawn, for studying my case and progress and providing me with the pain relief. I recommend to migraine and pain sufferers to give him a try.”

Diane R.

Article in Green Bay Press Gazette. See link below.


“I have been living with low back pain, herniated discs and sciatic nerve tingling and pain that has been progressing since 2007. I have seen multiple doctors, been to physical therapy and nothing seemed to help. I have had 3 MRI’s done yet nothing. I finally was referred to Sara Beno Chambers, NP who is wonderful, and she referred me to Shawn Jackson telling me he will make a difference. I was a little skeptical because I saw a doctor prior to Sara who told me I would need surgery! And that thought of surgery at my age especially on my back I was not having that. After 2 visits, yes 2 visits with Shawn he made a huge difference. At the end of my 11 sessions I felt like a new person who received a new back, which I never thought this could even be possible! Shawn is a miracle worker and listens to what issues you are having and gets to work on making you be able to enjoy life and day to day activities again!! I couldn’t say enough about Shawn and his wonderful team he has at Renew Therapy, I would refer him to anyone!! Thank you for making such a difference in my life!”

Ashley C.

“I have been going to Renew PT for cranial sacral therapy (w/Shawn Jackson) for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say about the business and its staff. Since having a stroke at a young age, I have had chronic headaches and nausea which have taken a toll personally and professionally. I am currently going to Shawn for treatment of the headaches, and I have seen a marked improvement in my quality of life, allowing me to function at a very high level. I have gone through pain management, acupuncture, biofeedback training, Botox injections, headache specialists, medications, and not seen the kind of results I do with Shawn and cranial sacral therapy. He is extremely knowledgeable and offers a great alternative to the typical medical treatment revolving doors. I have and will continue to recommend Shawn /Renew PT to friends and family. I work an hour away, and Renew PT and its staff are incredibly accommodating when it comes to scheduling around frequent changes due to work. They are prompt and courteous, and happy to assist. Again, I highly recommend Renew Physical Therapy.”

Elliot W.

“When a dental procedure either caused or triggered trigeminal neuralgia–and with it chronic, extreme, stabbing, erratic facial pain I didn’t know what to do. It impacted every facet of my life–my ability to be a good mother, my job–everything. A previously happy and satisfying life was thrown into a tailspin. I was losing my decision making abilities, my ability to enjoy activities and living from pain pill to pain pill. Everything I read about the condition lead me to believe that most common treatments were ineffective at best. The horror stories posted online by people dealing with this unrelenting pain were terrifying. 

When I was first referred to Shawn I wasn’t sure what to make of the treatment. The slight pressure he applies to the facial nerves seems almost too light to cause any real change. He told me that progress would be slow and frustrating, but that he was fairly confident, with consistent treatment, he could improve my situation. 

Over the next few months things played out just as he said they would. Three steps forward and two back, but overall positive momentum. Now, 14 weeks later, my radiating facial pain is over 95% better. Not only have Shawn’s treatments helped me immeasurably, but he has given me breathing tips that help me to manage the residual discomfort.

My heartfelt gratitude to Shawn for giving me my life back!”

Stacy A.

“Shawn is a very competent physical therapist. He has helped me a lot and is a caring person, trying to help my physical condition as much as possible. The treatments are gentle and do not hurt. He has helped me with my problem of standing as no other health care professional has been able to. The office staff is very caring & helpful also. I would highly recommend anybody needing physical therapy to go to him for help.”

Rita J.

“I have been going to Renew Physical Therapy now for 6 months for a back injury I have had for 3 years. My mom’s cousin recommended Shawn after he was able to fix an injury to his neck. No doctor in my area could figure out what the problem was and within minutes Shawn figured it out and had me almost pain free after the first visit. I drove 2+ hours from Madison twice a week to see him. The staff are very professional and friendly as well and I couldn’t be happier with my experience!!”

Alex C.  Madison,WI

“I am a 66 year old male with a three year history of chronic pain due to an L1 vertebrectomy and T12 – L2 fusion. After discharge from rehab, I had seen four other physical therapists in my quest for pain relief. Physical conditioning was their main focus with some hands-on therapy. I have also had several epidural injections with varying results, all of them temporary. Shawn focuses on pain relief with osteopathic techniques. He has kept me away from epidural injections, and along with prescribed pain medication, my pain has lessened to a tolerable level. Therapy sessions with Shawn have given me hope for a future with less pain. His professionalism, friendly spirit, and positive attitude provide an atmosphere for comfort and healing. Therapeutic massage is also available, and the staff  are welcoming and warm.”

Ron A.

“After four years of physical therapy at different places, without much help, someone suggested trying ReNew. I have gotten more relief and help there than anywhere else and have referred them to others many times. Best of all they are caring, kind, and try to do everything they can to improve your situation.”

Holly B.

“Renew has been a very positive experience for me. I have been at several clinics for help with back pain. Dr. Jackson has not only relieved the pain but also functionality. I will not be seeking therapy any other place.”

Ann P.

“I am very pleased with my experience at ReNew Physical Therapy. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Shawn takes his time to listen to my concerns, remembers what we have discussed before and makes great recommendations. I don’t get headaches as often after starting PT with him.”