Elite Performance, LLC




Laura Hillesheim, MHR, LPC, SAC

University of Oklahoma Ÿ Master of Human Relations

Oklahoma State University Ÿ Bachelor of Art in Sociology

• Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) License # 2936-125
• Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) License # 12038-131
• Attended the following Brainspotting trainings: Phases 1, 2, & 3,  Brainspotting Intensive and Master’s Class
• Certified Brainspotting Trainer
• Certified in EMDR
• Advanced training in trauma


Elite Performance, LLC is a unique partnership between Laura Hillesheim and Shawn Jackson that utilize an integrated approach to enhancing performance. We assist in evaluating peak performance barriers and deliver an individualized treatment to increase self awareness, facilitate the resolution of performance blocks, and to assist in achieving your personal best.  Laura is certified in Brainspotting technique developed by David Grand, Ph,D.  See the 15 minute ESPN video link below as an example of its usage.




“Laura and Shawn with Elite Performance provide an experience that is unlike any other.  I have both experienced this technique myself and had patients and friends who have been clients of Elite.  The strides you can take with their method are incredible, including getting rid of mental and physical blocks, healing old traumas both physical and psychological and attaining better health and a sense of well being.  I whole heartedly encourage my patients, friends and family to experience healing with Elite Performance.”

Dr. Lynn Wagner, MD

“Throughout my high school and college years, I had a lot of ups and downs with my athletic performance due to mental blocks and doubt. With Shawn and Laura’s treatment, I was able to bring negative feelings from my subconscious to my conscious thought. This helped me power through the Fox Cities Marathon with more confidence and less negative energy, especially when things got tough. This treatment helped me achieve my first marathon win and has changed my life for the better! Thank you Shawn and Laura for your unique treatment to improve my athletic performance and my life!”

Jessica Sigl



Conditions Treated:  Does your brain get in the way of your body’s peak performance?



Sports performance problems emanate from three sources including sports injuries, sports failures and sports humiliations. Significant sports performance problems include:

o The “yips”.
o Prolonged or severe slumps.
o Loss of confidence.
o Loss of function.
o Performance blocks.
o Performance anxiety.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

o Catching the football prior to getting hit.
o Game winning free throw.
o Easy putts in pressure situations.
o Self defeating thoughts prior to a race.
o Anticipation of pain after injury has healed.
o Feeling frozen and unable to move.
o Feeling sick before games.


Business professionals, performing artists, students, etc.

o Are you easily intimidated?
o Does stress limit your ability to communicate?
o Do you experience stage fright?
o Do you have creative blocks?
o Is it difficult for you to concentrate on a task?
o Do you suffer from test taking anxiety at school?



Elite Performance was founded 11/2012 in a collaborative effort by Laura Hillesheim, LPC and Shawn Jackson, PT, DPT.  Prior to their meeting, they each noticed improvement mentally and physically in their respective fields with a patient struggling in chronic pain and anxiety.  Through communication between Shawn and Laura it was found that the unique techniques used facilitated healing of the mind-body connection.  Since this time the combination treatment has improved the lives of many suffering from anxieties affecting performance issues.



How does it work?

Brainspotting is a technique developed by Dr. David Grand, Ph.D. The focal point is gaining access to the autonomic nervous and limbic systems within the central nervous system. Research indicates that anticipation of pain increases brain activity within the amygdala (Coen et al, 2011, p. 909 & Elsenbruch et al, 2010, p. 1317). This anticipation can manifest itself physically in the body viscerally (Coen et al, p.915). This physical manifestation of brain activity can lead to freeze responses in movement.

To counter these symptoms, a brainspot is stimulated via specific eye movements related to a trauma. Laura will locate and activate the emotionally and traumatic charged issue. Treatment occurs with deconditioning of previous conditioned, maladaptive emotional and physiological responses. At the same time Shawn will integrate using myofascial, strain counterstrain and visceral mobilization techniques. These techniques are utilized for “anxiety issues, autonomic imbalances and tissue changes induced by autonomic change” (Holey, 1995, p.734).


Coen, S. et al. (2011). Neuroticism Influences Brain Activity During the Experience of Visceral Pain. Gastroenterology, 141, 909-917.

Elsenberg, S. et al. (2010). Patients with irritable bowel syndrome Have Altered Emotional Modulation of Neural Responses to Visceral Stimuli. Gastroenterology, 139, 1310-1319.

Holey, L. (1995). Connective Tissue Manipulation. Towards a Scientific Rationale. Physiotherapy, 81:12, 730-739.