Shawn Jackson, PT, DPT


Shawn Jackson, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical TherapyUW-Madison:  Bachelors degree Physical Therapy 1994
AT-Still University:  Clinical Doctorate Physical Therapy 2010

Conditions treated:

Spine pain (cervical, thoracic and lumbar)
Headaches (tension and migraines)
Upper and lower extremity pain
Pelvic pain
Post operative rehabilitation
Abdominal pain
Neurologic pain
Foot and ankle pain
Costochondritis and rib pain
Facial pain
Trigeminal neuralgia


Acute and chronic pain rehabilitation
Post operative rehabilitation
Industrial onsite treatment
Sports rehabilitation
Wellness and maintenance
Work related injuries
Dry needling
Massage therapy
Elite Performance, LLC
Correct shoe fitting. We are a Brooks dealer

Techniques offered:

Osteopathic mobilization and manipulation (Greenman, Flynn, Cleland)
Visceral mobilization (Barral)
Myofascial release (Weiselfish)
Mechanical link (Chaffour)
Strain counter strain
Indirect technique
Craniosacral (Upledger)
Australian mobilization
Neurovascular mobilization (Holway)
Neural mobilization (Weiselfish, Barral)
Mulligan technique
Hesch method
Institute of Physical Art (Greg Johnson)
Muscle rehabilitation (Shirley Sahrman)
Extremity and spine mobilization (Paris)
Dr Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling

Philosophy and Experience:

I believe that pain is a sign of dysfunction at the site of discomfort or elsewhere.  It is my job to discover the source site and return the dysfunction to its natural mechanics.  By doing so, I have in a sense “renovated” or “renewed” the area treated to its natural state of mechanical movement.  When movement improves, muscle tension decreases as well as pain symptoms. Treatment is effective for chronic pain symptoms as well acute injuries.

I find it personally rewarding helping people regain their previous level of function. I have a  heart for those who suffer in pain because I believe I have an answer.  I have 20 years of  experience treating chronic pain, giving relief to those who feel they have no hope.  These treatments extend globally into many aspects of life.  For many years I have assisted in improving sports performance and maintaining wellness.

On the first visit we will go through a thorough assessment followed by education before treatment.  We will then discuss a plan of care and goals for the future. Before treating we will discuss different options. Typically all forms of treatment are gentle and should not cause increased pain.  If you have not experienced relief in symptoms and would like to, please give me a call to set up an appointment. If any questions, contact me by email via the contact link.


While attending classes my first year of college, I met Ruth, a caregiver for her husband.  He had suffered a severe stroke and was being treated at a free clinic on the UW-Milwaukee campus.  I was there to observe, searching out different professions. As I was observing, we talked and discovered each of us was from Coralville, IA.  She needed help and requested that I assist her with the transfers of her husband in the AM each day before classes.  I assisted them for 1 year and  discovered an enjoyment working with people.  I became very close to their family and her encouragement assisted me in choosing a career in Physical Therapy. I met Ruth in 1990 and she made a difference in my life.  Ruth passed away on the day Renew opened its doors 3/1/13.  Renew is a product of her kindness, support and ongoing education to serve others humbly.    My mission is a product of all I have learned, to help those in chronic pain and establish a plan for a better way of life.

“My faith in Christ is what motivates my decisions in life and is a reflection of how I treat and care for people. I do
believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).”

Renew supports the efforts of an organization that is bringing Healing and Reconciliation to a part of Africa that has witnessed hardships and turbulent times for many years. These hardships have brought pain to thousands of people and their families along with communities both physically and emotionally. Here is a story of one man’s pain and suffering and the relief brought to him through the loving touch of a Physical Therapist from the UK. After watching this video and you feel led to support more stories such as this please contact us at